Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Play It By Ear Bunco

Ellensburg Lions Club will be hosting our 3rd Annual Play-It-By-Ear Bunco Tournament. Saturday, November 13th at 6 pm. St. Andrew's Church. Tickets are $25 each or 4 for $80. Please contact Lion Jennifer Crown for more information.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ellensburg Royal Court Visits RMH in Spokane

19F Zone 1's service project for the past two years has been collecting pop tabs for the Spokane Ronald McDonald House. On May 15th, Lion Cindy accompanied the Ellensburg Rodeo Royal Court on a visit to the House. They presented Spokane Ronald McDonald House with all the tabs Ellensburg Lions Club had collected, and the Royalty made cookies with the children staying at the house.

April 27, 2010 Minutes

Call to Order 12:05 pm – Lion President Sarah Storrs

Flag Salute – Lion Byron

Invocation – Lion Sarah Storrs

Introductions & Old Pennies—Lion Sarah Storrs
Members shared something that happened to them on the year of a penny they randomly drew.

Lions Present: Jennifer, Jaela, Byron, Doug, and Guest Chris

Old Business

White Cane Days – Lion Mark Grassel
o April 30-May 1, 2010
o Sign-up sheet
We still need people to sign up for Saturday Afternoon

Officer Training—Lion Sarah Storrs
o May 22, 2010; 9:00 AM-11:00 AM
Lion Sarah will be attending, contact her to carpool.

New Business

Selah Lions need our help!
o Selah Community Days parade on May 15th
o Helping to line up participants
o 7-10:00 am
Club is small and they need people to help start the parade, if you are interested contact ZC David Heath

MD19 Annual Convention
o May 13-15, 2010; Olympia, WA

Adjourn 12:55 pm

April 13, 2010 Minutes

Call to Order 12:05 pm – Lion President Sarah Storrs

Flag Salute – Lion Byron Thomas

Invocation – Lion Liz Whitaker

Tail Twisting & Introductions—Tail Twister Lion Bob Titus

Lions present: Dick, Liz, Jennifer, Mark, Doug, Sarah, and guest Chris Hobbs

Treasurer’s Report—Lion Dick Wedin

Sight & Hearing Committee Report—Lion Sarah Storrs
• Hearing Aid for AG –Pt. was fit in hearing aid
• Cataract surgery for TM—done –Pt. is done with surgery
• 1 new requests for assistance—exam/glasses (haven’t heard back from 1 medical/patient assistance grant) 2 people were approved for exams and glasses

Old Business

White Cane Days – Lion Mark Grassel
o April 30-May 1, 2010
o Signup sheet- We still need people to sign up

Officer Elections- New positions start July 1st
o Vice President—Jennifer Crown
o Secretary/Treasurer—Liz Whitaker
o Recording Secretary—Jaela Peters
o Tail Twister—Bob Titus
o Still need nomination/volunteer for President- Sarah and Mark are to be Co- Presidents, they will split the meetings and responsibilities, Sarah will remain the main contact person for the club.

New Business

LHSU for 2010—Lion Liz Whitaker- We are unable to get the screening unit this year, will revisit doing it again next year

MD19 Annual Convention
o May 13-15, 2010; Olympia, WA

Discussed hosting an open house, to get new members, the LEMPR team can can come show us how to coordinate one to insure the best result.

$200 dollar donation to be made to Play it by ear
• Consider Club becoming a Chamber member?

Adjourn 12:55 pm

Monday, December 28, 2009

December 22nd Agenda

Call to Order 12:05 pm – Lion President Sarah Storrs

Tail Twisting & Introductions– Lion Bob Titus

• Favorite Christmas memory

Old Business

• Giving the Gift of Sight – Lion Jaela Peters
o 6 exams/glasses and 1 glasses only 12/11/09
o 2 more exams/glasses scheduled for Jan 2010 (1 app. out)
o Slide show (deferred due to not having laptop)

• FISH Donation – Lion Dick Wedin
o Approved 12/8/09 meeting

New Business

• Hearing Aid Application—Lion Sarah Storrs
o Bilateral HA, estimated cost to club $225-250 range

• Play It By Ear Bunco—Lion Jaela Peters
o Saturday, Feb 6th 6:30 pm

• Indian John Hill—Lion Bob Titus
o Friday Feb 26th 8:00 am to Monday Feb 29th 8:00 am

Adjourn 12:55 pm

November 24th Minutes

Members Present: Dick Wedin, Bob Titus, Doug Ryder, Byron Thomas, Sarah Storrs, Jaela Peters,
Guests: Speaker Carol Carrothers, CWU student Evenly

Call to Order 12:05 pm – Lion President Sarah Storrs

Flag Salute – Lion Bob Titus
Invocation – Lion Doug Ryder

Tail Twisting 12:10 – Lion Bob Titus

Treasurer’s Report – Lion Dick Wedin

• Dues Account & Project Account balances.
o Wants to discuss budget at the first of the month when statement comes

Sight and Hearing Committee Report—Lion Sarah Storrs
• Outstanding Eye Care Applications: none
• Patient Care Grant for TM cataract surgery
• Hearing aid for DT
o Grant approved for $1000 for cataract surgery

Old Business

• LHSU for 2010 —Lion Liz Whitaker:
o Cle Elum nurse was happy with screening and would like to have the unit back next year.

• Giving the Gift of Sight – Lion Jaela Peters
o Showed collection boxes, and discussed flyers

New Business

Revisions to Hearing Aid application process - Lion Sarah Storrs
o Revision to hearing aid application, Motion Byron Thomas, seconded by Doug Ryder, revision passed

• 12/22/09 meeting—do we want to pick a different place?
o Rodeo City BBQ is open so we will have the meeting there.

• Carol Carrothers, Washington State Sensory Disabilities (WSDS)

o Deals with the deaf and hard of hearing kids from birth to age 21.
o Helps the districts to assist students to get the right kind of care and allow them to be as successful as they can be.
o Is helping with vocabulary development
o Kids in regional programs so that deaf kids aren’t isolated from social interaction, they want to have schools/resources that kids can use to be around other kids that are signing.
o Trying to get legislation for insurance to pay for hearing aids, they currently don’t.
o Possibility of forming some sort of loan out system for getting FM transceivers to make them more accessible to people in need, so that the school is not responsible for purchasing

Announcements & Reminders

• Zone meeting Monday, November 30th; 6:30 pm in Terrace

Adjourn 12:55 pm

October 27th Minutes